Tuesday, August 26, 2008

President Bush and Bush Apologist Fred Hiatt

"Fred Hiatt, over at the Washington Post, makes much of the phrase found in many of the conclusions of the report, “were generally substantiated by intelligence community estimates.” What he doesn’t tell you is that the committee only examined five of George Bush’s speeches, not the totality of the administration’s statements" - Bush Lied, and Fred Hiatt Lied Too

"Someone should tell Fred Hiatt that supporting your position by omitting crucial parts that undercut your point is lying. That’s what Hiatt did in this editorial defending the integrity of the Bush administration’s use of prewar intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq." - Not Only Did Bush Lie, But Fred Hiatt Lied, Too

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Neocons Pushed Us into War with Iraq and Now with Iran!
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The "JINSA crowd" is control of the Pentagon. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, it pushed us into Iraq and it's doing the same to get us to attack Iran.
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